Finally, I Found The Perfect Way To Have Fun & Educate My Kids At This Exciting Event And It’s FREE!

A hub where fun and learning collide.
As a mother, I’ve always wanted to spend quality time with my kids while having fun and providing knowledge to them as well.

It has been quite a long search, and finally, guess what? I’ve found the perfect place that incorporates fun and learning, which would be an ideal choice to spend time with the kids.

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In honor of the upcoming International Biodiversity Day, Gamuda Cove along with L’Occitane has launched a series of engaging biodiversity-themed events named “Harmony in Diversity” that offer both fun and educational experiences.

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Here’s a glimpse into the exciting lineup of events that you can dive into:

1. Turn Plastic into Goods / Upcycling Workshop

In this activity, you can learn about the transformation of recycled plastic, which takes on new life. 

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You can witness firsthand how recycled plastic is crushed into pieces, then heated and moulded into reusable items, showcasing the fun process of upcycling in action.

2. Kombucha Making Workshop4

Woman making kombucha

Who doesn’t love tea, right? This is where you’ll get to learn and experience making kombucha 100% by yourself in an exciting kombucha-making workshop. 

With L’Occitane ingredients like lavender and lemon, this workshop offers a hands-on experience in crafting healthful brews!

3. Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Hot air balloon

When we talk about Gamuda, what is an event without their iconic Hot Air Balloon? But this time, not only could you ride high in the sky with this beautiful Hot Air Balloon, but you could also take a scenic picture with us during a cold inflation session.

Oh yes, it’s bound to turn out to be one cool picture! Be as early as you can because it’s on a first come first served basis.

4. Outdoor Yoga

With all the hectic tasks and work we’ve been doing on weekdays, we definitely need a break, and this Yoga session is exactly what you need. 

With the aesthetic yet peaceful environment at Gamuda Cove, these sessions led by renowned instructors will recharge your body and mind. Oh my Gosh, I’m blocking my date just to attend this!

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Let’s not forget the little ones!

5. Meet & Play with the Alpacas


Here’s another exciting activity for you and your family to enjoy! Get ready for a special appearance by cute Alpacas! How awesome is that? 
Don’t miss the chance to witness these graceful alpacas in person. Be sure to bring your little ones along for an unforgettable experience!

6. Parrot Show

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Group of parrots

Your kids love birds? If yes, this is the perfect event for you! Come and see these colourful feathered parrots in action at Gamuda’s special Parrot show.

Wait, wait, wait…don’t go anywhere just yet! Keep reading because there are more exciting events you need to jot down.

Apart from this, there will also be a live band performing soulful live French music, a diversity and recycle seminar where you can learn about preserving biodiversity and sustainable practices, The Urban People Market, an art jamming experience, workshops, and even a picnic contest.

The urban people market

And just when you think that’s enough, Gamuda Cove is all set to shower you with more fun activities to make your day truly unforgettable.

When & where?

This fun-filled event will take place on May 25th and 26th, 2024, from 4pm to 9pm at Townsquare Park, Gamuda Cove

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Townsquare park, gamuda cove

Bring everyone you know: your kids, mother, father, husband, auntie, and uncle because this is an event worth experiencing together.

Finally, i found the perfect way to have fun & educate my kids at this exciting event and it’s free! | weirdkaya

How to join this event?

The “Harmony in Diversity” event welcomes everyone. Don’t worry about admission because it’s totally FREE! 

Just visit the registration counter at the entrance of Townsquare Park on the event day, grab your sticker, and you’re all set to join in the fun. 

Be sure to take part in a few selected activities to receive a cute door gift, but only limited stocks are available daily, so be the first to snag one!

Redeem Your Door Gift!

Step 1: Visit the L’OCCITANE Garden, snap some photos, and share them on your social media. Remember to tag Gamuda Cove and loccitanemy, and use the this (#GamudaCoveXLOccitane) hashtag.

Step 2: Answer a few quick questions on the information board at Gamuda Parks.

Step 3: Follow the social media accounts of Gamuda Cove, loccitanemy, and Gamuda Parks, and complete the tasks mentioned above. Once done, head to the GCEG counter to redeem your door gift!

Easy-peasy photo contest

Did you know that just by taking photos, you could win jaw-dropping prizes? Yes, all you have to do is head to the L’OCCITANE Garden in Townsquare Park and share your creatively captured photos from Townsquare Park on your social media account, whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram.

L'occitane garden in townsquare park

You can participate in this activity between 23rd May to 23rd June. While sharing the photos, make sure to include the event hashtag and tag Gamuda Cove.

Winners will be announced on Gamuda Cove’s official social media accounts.

Fun Lucky Draw

If there isn’t a lucky draw, then the event wouldn’t feel complete. In the “Harmony in Diversity” event, an exciting mission awaits you that could lead you to win amazing prizes.

Participating in it is incredibly easy. Just bring recyclable items to the event venue and drop them into the designated “COVE” bins. 

Accepted recyclable items include plastic, paper, aluminium, and empty beauty containers. By doing so, you’ll have the chance to win exciting prizes.

Remember to sort and place your items into the appropriate bins on-site. After depositing your items, you’ll receive a chance to spin the wheel and win fantastic prizes!

From L’OCCITANE products like eco-refill packs to electric scooters and other sustainable ESG products, the rewards are truly remarkable. 

I’ve never heard of a lucky draw quite like this one, where it’s super easy to participate and offers the chance to win valuable prizes.

What are you waiting for? Make sure to bring your family and kids to this “Harmony in Diversity” event where you can experience literally everything and stand a chance to bring back home some cool prizes too.

But it’s not just about the fun – this event is also an opportunity to learn more about biodiversity and much more.

Stay updated with the latest news by visiting the official website and following Gamuda Cove on Instagram and Facebook.

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