[VIDEO] Malay Couple Wows Netizens With Multicultural Wedding Complete With Lion Dance And Dais

The real Keluarga Malaysia.

A Malay couple has amazed Malaysians with their multicultural wedding which took place at Tawau Buddhist Association, Sabah on Monday (July 11).

In a Facebook post by the association, the couple named Fyza and Fikri wore traditional Chinese wedding attire such as the qipao and bright red tang suit as they walked down the aisle with a lion dance paving the way for them.

In addition to that, the couple also incorporated an element of their Malay culture by adorning the pelamin (dais) with beautiful drapes and white furnishing covered by flowers.

Watch the video of the wedding here:

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Source: Facebook/沙巴斗湖普照寺醒狮团 Persatuan Buddhist Tawau

Raised in multicultural family

It was later revealed that one of the newlyweds’ grandmothers is of Chinese descent and the couple wanted to celebrate this cultural diversity.

A relative told China Press that although he was born and raised in a Malay family, he had many Chinese friends since childhood and was introduced to the Chinese culture, thus causing him to fall in love with lion dance performances.

He added that his children have also taken a strong liking to lion dances probably due to him watching so many of them.

Everyone was surprised as it’s not often that you get to see a lion dance performance at a Malay wedding ceremony. However, I believe that we are able to accept each other’s culture, nothing is impossible,” he said.

Another relative told the Chinese daily that the lion dance performance wasn’t to show off to others but to open everyone’s eyes to what real Malaysian culture is like – a multi-racial nation where different ethnic groups willing embrace and respect different cultures.

Congratulations to the newlyweds for their beautiful wedding and we wish them a long and happy marriage ahead!

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Cover image via Facebook/沙巴斗湖普照寺醒狮团 Persatuan Buddhist Tawau