Lorry Scrapes 2 Cars While Running A Red Light In Johor

The lorry driver refuse to cooperate after being confronted.
A lorry ran a red light and crashed between a red-purple Kancil and a white Axia sedan, causing significant damage and attempting to flee the scene.

According to dashcam footage posted on “Sukan Star TV – sstv.my” on Facebook, the incident occurred around 3 PM yesterday.

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Scrapes two cars before running a red light

The video shows a junction with a red light, where the two cars were waiting in line for the green light.

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Suddenly, a lorry came rushing in, barely squeezing between the two cars and proceeding to run the red light.

While rushing through, it severely scraped the two cars and even bumped into the Kancil in front.

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Both cars sustained noticeable body damage, with the Kancil being particularly affected as pieces were seen falling off it.

Lorry driver refuse to cooperate

A netizens who claims to be the driver of the white Axia, commented on the video, stating that the accident happened near an oil palm factory on Jalan Kulai in Johor.

He further expressed his anger over the lorry driver’s unwillingness to report the incident to the police.

“We caught the lorry driver near the oil palm factory on Jalan Kulai, but he still refused to cooperate. He said he would go to the police station, so we followed him. But in the end, he escaped towards Kulai.”

Screenshot 2024-06-18 140803
Image via FB/Sukan Star TV – sstv.my

Another netizen, who also claims to be involved in the incident, confirmed the white Axia driver’s account.

“The lorry indeed entered the oil palm factory area, and the Axia driver chased him until he stopped. Afterwards, the lorry driver refused to admit his mistake.

Screenshot 2024-06-18 140814
Image via FB/Sukan Star TV – sstv.my

“Despite attempts to bring him to the police station, he eventually fled towards Kulai. They have already contacted the police and filed a report.”

Watch the full video here:

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