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Local glove factory allegedly told employees to ‘smell and put gloves into the mouth’ for quality control


[EXCLUSIVE] Employees of a local glove factory have been caught carrying out quality control (QC) through dubious means like “put gloves in mouth.”

A series of screenshots was provided to WeirdKaya. Employees could be seen sniffing and putting the gloves into their mouths during a virtual meeting.

The screenshot of the company’s virtual meeting of employees “testing glove quality.”

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“Put gloves into mouth”

Evidence seem to suggest that workers were required to follow the bizarre testing procedures.

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A Tweet dating back to September 27 leaked several screenshots claiming that employees have to “smell, see, touch, and put gloves [into the] mouth to testify its quality during every assembly/circle meeting“.

Deleted tweet exposing company's request for employee to test glove quality through bizarre procedure.
Snapshot of the now deleted Tweet

It also claimed that such questionable procedures was to ‘increase the cleanliness and quality mindset of staff and workers towards the gloves produced.'”

However, the Tweet has since been deleted.

“Extremely unhygienic”

A source, who requested anonymity, said the gloves aren’t meant to be tested in such a manner let alone put in mouth.

Whatsapp message screenshots of employees putting gloves in mouth.
Screenshots of employees putting gloves in mouth.

“The gloves are very dusty during production and it is packed by hand, where the worker’s sweat may drip onto it. Furthermore, there are also silicon particles on the surface of certain gloves.

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“Carrying out QC checks like this is extremely unhygienic and hazardous, especially during the pandemic,” he said.


Author: Anna Wong
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh