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LED Billboard Beside PJ Highway Catches Fire Out Of Nowhere

Several men were seen waving on top of it.
In a series of clips posted on social media, a billboard was seen burning away along a highway located in PJ.

Posted on Xiaohongshu, the footage has captured significant public attention and resulted in a long traffic jam.

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LED billboard catches fire

In the clip, it showed the large electric LED billboard being in flames, with smoke billowing out.

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Several people were also seen on top of the billboard and waving to the traffic beneath, presumably as a cry for help.

Man waving on the billboard
Image via XHS/是萦萦呀(考试中

Other videos showed the fire rescue team arriving at the scene and working to control the blaze.

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Thankfully, it appeared that the fire did not spread further, preventing a larger disaster.

Fire started around noon

Speaking to WeirdKaya, a witness shared that when he saw the fire, it was around 1:45pm and the billboard was already heavily damaged.

He added that a massive traffic jam ensued as the fire rescue worked to keep the fire under control and save the stranded individuals.

Bill board on fire
Image via XHS/Kevin看屋子

NST later reported that a total of three Indonesian workers suffered minor burns and were rushed to Universiti Malaya Medical Centre for treatment, while six others escaped unhurt.

Allegedly cause by short-circuit

According to The Star, one of the victims reported that the fire started due to a short circuit at the base of the electronic billboard, which then spread to the top.

Among the nine victims, one sustained an arm injury, while another suffered minor burns.

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Paramedics were on the scene to provide medical assistance to the victims.


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