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“I Don’t Fetch Customers Who Drink Alcohol” — M’sian Accuses Grab Driver Of Racism While Booking A Ride Home

Huh ?

Being a M’sian Indian in Malaysia, it is common to receive racist comments and being judged for the most random things ever. Yet should it be normalised to the point where people judge from the name itself?

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A little while back, an Instagram post have been circulating online for it’s absurd content.

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A Msian Indian named Thivashini Rajamanickam, leaving after work, booked a Grab ride accurately at 10.30pm on 2 May, from the Tun Razak Exchange in Kuala Lumpur to the Asia Jaya LRT Station.

Despite being agitated from work, she was patiently waiting for the grab driver at the foyer of her workplace.

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A text message from the driver at 10.40pm, stunt her. He told her that he doesn’t pick up customers who drink alcohol. Adding that, he can’t tolerate alcohol smell.

Initially, Thivashini came to a conclusion whereby she assumed that the rider must have sent the text by mistake.

“Saya tak boleh tahan bau alcohol…”

The victim was then trying to ask the driver to cancel the ride as he refused to pick her up. No response were received despite her trying to message him.

Thats when she was struck back to reality that he solely accused her of being drunk from her name.

According to the screenshots sent to WeirdKaya, by Thivashini, the driver stopped replying right after she mentioned that she was coming back from work.

Multiple requests were made from her end to cancel the ride for her to proceed with another. Refusing to cancel from her own for all the right reasons, she decided to alias with the Grab team itself.

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She filed a report to Grab regarding the driver’s lack of manners under several offences, mainly reported for the racism and abandoning the customer.

“Without even reaching out to me, the investigation ticket was closed by Grab as solved. Then I reopened my investigation ticket with Grab but yet to get an update from grab nor the driver” Thivashini reported to WeirdKaya.

Grab shows that the issue has been resolved, though it wasn't

Bowed to fate, Thivashini was pushed to call her sister to book another grab ride for her as the clock was ticking. Approximately at 11.02pm she got in another car and left.

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On the way back, she received a message on her Grab app, notifying Thivashini that the driver who decided to leave her on seen, had finally cancelled the ride at 11.10pm.

She explained that he would have proceeded with the cancellation upon being warned or informed by Grab.

“As a grab driver how could they assume a location based at a specific area? In my Grab app, it is clearly stated as lobby, not even TRX” Thivashini explained to WeirdKaya.

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She further expressed her concern regarding this incident on how the Grab driver could not differentiate the office area from a bar.

“If they are not okay with picking up passengers who are drunk, why even bother driving at night ? ” she said.

This specific Grab driver have brought such inconvenience to her and her family leaving her absolutely traumatised from the incident.

In response to WeirdKaya’s enquiries on the matter, Grab Malaysia said that it is looking into the matter and appropriate action will be taken once investigations are underway.


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