KL Primary School Allegedly Asks Students To Pay RM50 In ‘Donations’ Monthly

Education with a price tag.
Across educational institutions in Malaysia, it’s not unusual for the upper management to request for financial contribution from students meant for the maintenance of its facilities.

However, one primary school in KL is currently facing heat from netizens after it allegedly requested students to pay RM50 in “donations” every month.

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Primary school allegedly asks students to pay RM50

In a Facebook post shared on a forum on May 10, a parent of one of the students from the school was seemingly dissatisfied with the RM50 monthly contribution and asked for netizens’ opinion about it.

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According to the post, the school had reportedly requested students to contribute RM50 in ‘donations’ every month. Parents were also encouraged to either do a one-off online transfer of RM150 for three months or pay RM500 upfront.

The post also alleged that school management justified the monthly ‘donations’ by saying that it will be used for maintenance fees, classrooms, projectors, smart systems, sports equipment repairs, air conditioning, and plumbing issues.

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The money would also be used to cover utilities such as electricity and water, as well other services such as photocopying fees, paper, CCTV, and Wi-Fi service, and security personnel fees.

Mixed opinions

In the comment section, netizens were divided over the issue, with some questioning the amount while others supported it.

One wrote that most schools in Malaysia were in a state of disrepair and said that the money was necessary in ensuring that students could attend classes in a safe environment.

Kl primary school allegedly asks students to pay rm50 in 'donations' monthly comment 1
Screenshot via FB/SJK (C) Fees Monitoring Forum 华小收费和家协财务调查

On the other hand, another netizen raised concerns as to why the school needed RM120,000 per month from students to carry out maintenance works.

Kl primary school allegedly asks students to pay rm50 in 'donations' monthly comment 2
Screenshot via FB/SJK (C) Fees Monitoring Forum 华小收费和家协财务调查

WeirdKaya reached out to the school via email to seek comment on the matter but no response was given at the time of publishing this article.

Do you agree with the school requesting students to pay RM50 per month? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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