KK Mart Cashier Returns Wallet To Woman Who Accidentally Left It Behind

Two thumbs up!
In recent weeks, local convenience store chain KK Mart has been facing unrelenting backlash and scrutiny ever since the ‘Allah’ socks controversy first surfaced.

Thankfully, one of its cashiers did a good deed that proved to be a soothing balm for its heavily battered reputation, where the staff returned a wallet to a customer who left it behind by mistake.

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Kk mart shah alam
Photo via FB/KK Super Mart

Woman leaves wallet behind at KK Mart outlet

Speaking to FMT about the heartwarming incident, the customer named Nirmala Ramoo said she had gone to KK Mart’s Lucky Garden outlet on Sunday (Apr 7) to purchase a bottle of mineral water.

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“I was reorganising my purchases from the market while waiting at the payment counter. After giving the cashier the money and getting my change, I left without realising that I had left my wallet behind,” she said.

It wasn’t 30 minutes later did Nirmala discover that she had left her wallet behind.

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Nirmala ramoo
Nirmala Ramoo. Photo via FMT

Honest cashier returns wallet

In a panic, Nirmala rushed back to the outlet but found that a different cashier was on duty and proceeded to tell the cashier about her situation.

“She spent a few minutes listening (to my story). Then she walked over to a drawer and took out a wallet.

But before she handed it over to me, she asked me to describe my wallet and its contents, and also checked on my MyKad details to ensure the cards inside were mine.

Once the cashier verified that Nirmala was the rightful owner, only then did she hand the wallet over.

Kk mart sepang
Photo via FB/KK Super Mart

Regrets not rewarding cashier

When contacted by FMT, KK Super Mart’s customer service manager Nur Shaqira Mozni said “honesty, integrity and a dedication to putting customers first are core values that have been instilled in the staff”.

She also praised the cashier for upholding the company’s values in returning the wallet the Nirmala.

On a separate note, Nirmala expressed regret over not rewarding the cashier for her honesty.

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“I was in such a rush that it didn’t occur to me then,” she said.

Kudos to the cashier for her honesty and we hope more will follow her example in the future!


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