[VIDEO] Kindhearted Lady Pays Toll Fare For Honda Driver Who Got Stuck

Faith in humanity restored.

If you’re one who has to go through several toll booths while on the way to work. you’d probably understand the fear that drivers have when they’re unable to pay the toll fare due to insufficient credit or technical failure.

A Honda driver experienced that for himself after he was unable to get the boom gate to raise up and let him pass despite attempting to pay with his Touch ‘n Go (TnG) card.

Lady to the rescue!

In a 48-second dashcam footage uploaded on Facebook, the Honda driver is seen tapping his TnG card to pay the toll fare but unable to move forward as the boom gate refused to raise up.

It is believed that he was prevented from leaving the toll booth as he had insufficient TnG credit.

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As a result, the Honda driver was forced to put his car in reverse to try his luck at another toll booth.

Fortunately, a lady came down from her car and walked towards the Honda driver and used her own TnG card to pay the toll fare.

She was also seen gesturing to him to go on his way and not to worry about it anymore with her hands.

Watch the video here:

Myriad of responses

The video has since gone viral on Facebook with over 3k likes and was flooded with hundreds of comments.

Some sarcastically remarked why the driver had money to drive a Honda Civic but none in his TnG card.

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Kindhearted lady pays toll fare for honda driver who got stuck

They also advised that those who were unsure whether they had enough TnG credit to pay manually at the counter to avoid causing inconvenience.

Kindhearted lady pays toll fare for honda driver who got stuck

On the other hand, some netizens were more compassionate, saying the lady never lost her temper with the Honda driver and that she set a good example for others to follow.

Kindhearted lady pays toll fare for honda driver who got stuck


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