M’sian driver chants “jialat” for 5 seconds nonstop after speeding into traffic jam by accident

Too close a call.

Whenever we mess something up or get into serious sh*t, we’d utter phrases to express our horror such as “damn”, “crap”, or for Malaysians — ‘jialat’.

A Malaysian driver was filmed muttering “jialat” repeatedly in a state of panic for five seconds straight after he speeded on the road and nearly caused a fatal chain collision.


In the 30-second dashcam video, the car begins revving up at a junction and speeded down the road as soon as the light turned green, overtaking two motorcyclists in the process.

As the car went uphill, it falsely gave the driver the impression that there was an empty stretch ahead, thus encouraging him to speed up as upbeat music blared in the background.

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However, he came to the horrific realisation when he was a ton of cars stuck in a jam in front of him and quickly swerved to the left, mounting the curb as a result.

For the next five seconds, the driver chanted “jialat” like a machine gun as his car continued to mount the curb and eventually slowed down and integrated smoothly into the lane.

The driver was also heard exhaling with a loud “Whaa”, relieved to see that no one was seriously hurt.

According to Mothership, the driver had mumbled “jialat” at least 14 to 17 times before he managed to avert a disaster.

Watch the clip here:

Future mantra for drivers?

While many criticised the driver for speeding and showing little regard for public safety, they couldn’t help but to be amused by his panicked response too.

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M'sian driver chants

Those unfamiliar with the Hokkien phrase were left understandably confused and wondered why the driver calling for “Gerald”.

M'sian driver chants
M'sian driver chants

Please be safe while on the road and don’t go above the speed level!


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