Kind M’sian Woman Pays For Another Car In SmartTAG Lane But Ends Up Trapping Herself Instead

Can't pass twice with the same card.
A kind-hearted stranger stepped in to help a frustrated motorist at a toll booth, sparking a mix of praise and criticism online.

According to a Facebook post by the female driver, her dashcam captured the moment she struggled to pass through a highway toll booth using her SmartTAG.

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Cant pass toll
Image via FB/胖妞吃好料 Ashdy Eats

Boom gate refuses to open

In the video, she was seen trying to drive through the SmartTAG lane, but the booth failed to recognize her device and refused to open.

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She then tried to reverse and move closer to the booth to pass through using her Touch’n Go card.

Despite switching to her Touch’n Go card and trying two different cards, the toll gate remained closed.

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Driver from behind stepped out to help

Malay woman help
Image via FB/胖妞吃好料 Ashdy Eats

Just as she was about to switch lanes, a compassionate Malay woman driver from the car behind hers stepped out to assist.

This unexpected act of kindness left the female driver deeply moved.

However, the story took a turn when the Good Samaritan found herself unable to pass through the toll booth with the same card she used to help.

The video ended without showing how she eventually managed to get through.

Car behind cannot pass
Image via FB/胖妞吃好料 Ashdy Eats

Netizens’ comment

The video quickly gained attention online, with many netizens applauding the Malay woman driver’s altruism and sharing their similar experiences.

“I’ve been in a similar situation before… A Malay uncle behind me helped me pay the toll.”

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“Bless the kind-hearted people. I’ve also helped a stuck car pay the toll before.”

However, not all reactions were positive. Some criticized the original motorist for not returning the favor after receiving help.

“I personally think that after she helped you, you should have waited to help her. You just drove off. If it were me, I would have turned on my hazard lights and waited for her to pass before leaving,” one netizen suggested.

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Netizens also pointed out the technical reason behind the Good Samaritan’s difficulty in passing through the toll gate.

“She couldn’t pass because the card was used twice in a short period. One card cannot be used multiple times within a short time frame,” explained a commenter.

Watch the original video here:

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