Kind M’sian Leaves Note On Car For Battery Delivery After Owner Forgets To Turn Off Headlights

Very thoughtful.
Every now and then, we may sometimes forget to turn off the headlights and eventually causes the car battery to totally drain out and unable to start the vehicle.

Fortunately for one couple, they were given help by a good Samaritan who noticed that they had left the headlights on by leaving a note for battery delivery on the dashboard.

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Kind M’sian leaves note on car for battery delivery

In a tweet written by a netizen named Ooi Beng Cheang on Monday (June 19), he wrote that he was at a mall when he saw that a car had its headlights turned on.

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Noticing that the owner wasn’t around to attend to the matter, Ooi decided to lend a helping hand by leaving a note on the dashboard, which included the contact number of a mechanic who would deliver new car batteries if the car was unable to start.

Not long after, he returned to the scene and saw that a couple was seated inside the car, who found that the car wouldn’t start. They then called the number he provided earlier and waited for the mechanic to arrive.

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Ooi added that he himself has experienced a similar situation twice and spent much time looking for a trusted mechanic to fix the problem. He also said that he left the note for the car owner as he wanted to save them the hassle of going through the same thing.

Praised for his kindness

The tweet, which was viewed more than 590,000 times, saw netizens heaping praise on Ooi for rendering help to the car owner and called him a “hero”.

Kind m'sian leaves note on car for battery delivery after owner forgets to turn off headlights comment 1
Screenshot via Twitter/@luxentX
Kind m'sian leaves note on car for battery delivery after owner forgets to turn off headlights comment 2
Screenshot via Twitter/@luxentX

Showing kindness to others doesn’t cost anything and helps to make the world a better place! What other acts of kindness have you experienced so far?


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