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Kepong MP ‘Creates’ Campaign Poster Starring K-Pop Girl Group TWICE & M’sians Are Loving It


As GE15 inches its way slowly, politicians are turning to creative means to shore up support before the big day.

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For Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng, it involved borrowing some help from the K-pop girl group TWICE, even though they weren’t there physically.

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A candidate that will ‘talk that talk’

Lim recently took to Twitter to encourage his constituents to reelect him for GE15, where he was Kepong MP during the 2018 election.

In a twist that nobody saw coming, it featured a TWICE poster along with a superimposed image of him.

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Aside from that, he also included several hashtags in the background such as #P114, #LLE4Kepong, #pakatanharapan, #roadtoperdanaputra, and ‘SPECIAL PRU15 SINGLE: Formula of Winning LLE + TWICE’

To add on to the amusing and unconventional campaign poster, Lim wrote out his manifesto using the titles of TWICE’s hit songs.

U ask, u get. TWICE and I will rock GE15. I am the candidate that will ‘Talk that Talk’ and will do my best for Kepong residents. I will do my best to ensure that the people of Kepong always ‘Feel Special’

Read the tweet here:

‘Top-tier campaign’

The tweet has since garnered over 2.2k likes at the time of writing as well as the amusement of Malaysians who were impressed by his creativity.

Some even created memes to poke fun at the campaign poster.

Kepong mp 'creates' campaign poster starring k-pop girl group twice & m'sians are loving it
Screenshot via Twitter/@limlipeng

One netizen wrote that he would vote for Lim if he was able to arrange a meet-up between him and TWICE member Momo.

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M'sians are loving kepong mp candidate's  campaign poster of himself with a k-pop group
Screenshot via Twitter/@limlipeng

On the other hand, some were displeased to see Lim using K-pop for political purposes, saying that it should be kept separate.

Kepong mp 'creates' campaign poster starring k-pop girl group twice & m'sians are loving it | weirdkaya
Screenshot via Twitter/@limlipeng

What do you think of Lim’s campaign poster? Should he use K-pop to attract voters? Let us know in the comments!


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