‘Kena busted!’ Teacher criticised for allegedly playing DOTA while teaching online classes

Multitasking gone wrong.

Teachers are undoubtedly in the most trying periods of their lives, where they have to tutor a handful of students online. So, it doesn’t hurt to have a short break once in a while, right?

WRONG! Well, at least in this teacher’s case.

Multitasking gone wrong?

In a TikTok video uploaded by @amirulamrieys, a teacher was caught watching a game of Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) while teaching his students in an online class.

As you can see, the teacher is sitting in front of his laptop while a game of DOTA plays away in a widescreen monitor behind it.

Watch the video here:

Credit: TikTok @amirulamrieys

‘Don’t be like this’

The video, aptly captioned ‘Busted for playing DOTA while teaching’, garnered more than 183,000 views and had netizens wagging their tongues over the teacher’s irresponsible actions.

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One questioned the teacher’s professionalism and pleaded with him to not behave in such a manner.

Dont be like this - netizen questioned
Credit: Oh My Media

Another also criticised the teacher for not upholding high standards as an educator.

Credit: Oh My Media

While some joked about wanting to have a teacher like him, others pointed out that he wasn’t actually playing DOTA while teaching.

Teacher criticized for playing games while teaching - comment

One netizen tried proving this point by highlighting the fact that the teacher wasn’t using his gaming mouse to play DOTA and was merely doing it for content purposes.

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