“They might overslept” 50yo teacher calls students one by one to attend online quiz

It is rough managi0ng an online class.

As online classes increasingly become the new norm, teachers who usually tutor students in classrooms have to overcome several obstacles in adapting to this new teaching routine, and it hasn’t been easy for them.

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Izzati Ilyasa shared on TikTok how her 50-year-old father, who is a teacher, took the effort in calling his students one by one to attend an online quiz as he feared they might have overslept, only to receive disheartening responses in return.

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Izzati’s father calling each student. (Image via TikTok/Izzati)

Izzati’s father has already informed his students about the quiz a day before it was scheduled to be held via WhatsApp.

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However, only 10 out of 30 students showed up to the test, and none responded in the chat group when he tried reaching out to the absentees.

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Hello? Is anyone there? (Image via TikTok/Izzati)

As minutes ticked by, Izzati’s father became concerned that his students had overslept and would miss the quiz, so he started calling them one by one.

Sadly, only one or two students picked up the phone, while the rest simply vanished.

“Did you think teachers are having fun teaching from home?” (Image via TikTok/Izzati)

Visibly frustrated over the students’ behavior, Izzati proceeded to show a chat log between her father and a student, who simply told him that another student wasn’t going to turn up at all. How irresponsible!

“He said he is too lazy to attend your class,” wrote the student when asked about the reason.

“How can a student talk to a teacher like this?”

(Image via TikTok/Izzati)

Watch the full video here:

Thankfully, in a follow-up post, Izzati said that some of the students personally apologised to her father for their behavior and offered to retake the quiz after seeing her video on TikTok.

“The student that said he was lazy to attend class has apologised to him as well.”

(Image via Noodou)

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Sources: Noodou, TikTok/Izzati

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