Kelantan Deputy MB Claims State Is ‘Developed’ As It Has Aeon Mall

Weird flex but ok.
Kelantan is often seen as one of the most backward states in Malaysia as it is usually known for all the wrong reasons such as poor water quality and the lack of development.

However, its Deputy Menteri Besar doesn’t seem to agree with the sentiment and gave a rather odd example as proof that the state was indeed developed.

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Kelantan deputy mb datuk mohd amar nik abdullah
Photo via Harian Metro

Kelantan Deputy MB: ‘Kota Bahru has Aeon Mall!’

In a one-minute clip shared on TikTok by an account named @selangorjagaselangor two days ago, it showed Kelantan Deputy MB Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah giving a speech.

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In the speech, he hit back at those who often criticised the state as “undeveloped” and pointed to a particular mall to disprove the claims.

Some have said that Kota Bahru (the capital of Kelantan) isn’t developed. If that’s the case, why is Aeon Mall located there?

Kelantan deputy mb claims state is 'developed' as it has aeon mall
Photo via TripAdvisor

“If someone’s not blind, they can see Aeon Mall for themselves and it was built before I became Prime Minister! To those who questioned what PAS has been doing for the past 33 years, do you not see it already?” he exclaimed sarcastically.

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Slammed critics over water issue

Mohd Amar also directed his ire towards those who often used the state’s never ending water woes as a talking point, saying that it was an issue which couldn’t be solved within a day or two.

“For this reason, PAS never argues with foolish people and the current problems faced by Kelantan are caused by engaging in arguments with these people,” he said.

Kelantan deputy mb claims state is 'developed' as it has aeon mall
Photo via Facebook

The video, which has since garnered over 300,000 views at the time of writing, saw netizens mocking Mohd Amar’s remarks and ‘congratulated’ Kelantan for having achieved development with an Aeon Mall.

Kelantan deputy mb claims state is 'developed' as it has aeon mall comment 1
Screenshot via Tiktok/@selangorjagaselangor
Kelantan deputy mb claims state is 'developed' as it has aeon mall comment 2
Screenshot via Tiktok/@selangorjagaselangor

Watch the clip here:

@selangorjagaselangor Takkan 30 tahun hanya boleh bagi Aeon Mall dan Stesen Bas uzur je? 🥱😪 #tolakPN #MalaysiaMadani #amirudin #pakatanharapan #beritaviralterkini #keluarsekejap #perikatannasional #pasfitnahberpisahtiada #walaunkoyak ♬ original sound – SelangorJagaSelangor

What do think of Mohd Amar’s remarks? Let us know in the comment section!


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