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Kajang School Hit by Flash Flood, Teacher’s Car Becomes ‘Soaked’ In Water

It was the first severe flood in a few years.
A severe downpour today led to an unexpected flash flood in SMJK Yu Hua, Kajang, causing significant disruptions and damage.

The heavy rainfall, centred in Kajang, quickly overwhelmed the school drainage systems, resulting in rising water levels that submerged cars and affected local infrastructure.

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Parking area was flooded
Image provided to WeirdKaya

Knee-deep water level

Speaking to WeirdKaya, a witness described the chaotic scenes as water levels rose swiftly around the school premises.

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“The rain started in the afternoon and within a short time, the whole area was filled with water,” he shared.

According to photos provided, the floodwaters were so deep that cars were soaked in water, and several vehicles sustained water damage.

Car soaked with water
Image provided to WeirdKaya

This witness also shared images showing cars almost completely underwater and fellow educators wading through knee-high water to reach their vehicles.

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In one striking photo, a car is seen deeply submerged, illustrating the severity of the flood.

First severe flood in a few years

According to the witness, the school has historically been vulnerable to flooding after heavy rains.

“However, a few years ago the sewage system was upgraded to prevent flooding, and this was the first significant flood since then.”

The floodwaters that had surged through the area earlier began to recede as quickly as they had appeared, with the water levels dropping significantly by around 5pm.

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