J&T courier driver perishes after his lorry crashes and bursts into flames

Please be safe on the road

JOHOR BAHRU – A J&T lorry crashed and caught fire along Jalan Tasek Utara. The 23-year-old driver was trapped inside the vehicle, and was later burned to death.

The tragic incident occurred yesterday (28 Sept) morning at 11.46am.

J&T lorry caught fire after the crash. Photo:WowBerita

The deceased was identified as Mohamad Mustaqin Ismadi, 23.

The lorry crashed into the road shoulder, it is suspected that the lone driver was trying to avoid another incoming lorry before the collision.

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Nearby witnesses attempted to save the driver by putting out the fire, but it spread too quickly.

Fire department dispatched

After receiving a distress call at 11:46 am, a fire engine, an Emergency Medical Response Services (EMRS) vehicle and 10 firemen were immediately dispatched to the scene.

Fire brigade arrives at the scene. Photo: WowBerita

According to Larkin Fire Station operation commander Mohd Suhaimi Jamal, the team found the victim stuck in the driver’s cockpit of the lorry.

Firemen then put out the fire before extricating the victim from the wreckage that was about 70% damaged by the blaze.”

Unfortunately, the victim was confirmed dead by KKM personnel at the location.

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Mohd Suhaimi said that the entire operation ended at 12:09 pm. Additionally, the victim’s remains were later handed over to the police for further action.

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