[VIDEO] JPJ vehicle gets flipped like a pancake by angry backhoe driver in Keningau


A man in his 60s was arrested by police for obstruction and using force against a civil servant from performing his duties after he rammed into a Road Transport Department (JPJ) vehicle with a backhoe excavator, causing it to flip over to one side.

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In the 51-second video which has gone viral on social media, it showed the JPJ vehicle being rammed by the backhoe excavator despite the enforcement officers’ efforts to calm the driver down.

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[video] jpj car got tumbled over by angry man when he got stopped by authorities
Screenshot via Reddit
[video] jpj vehicle gets flipped like a pancake by angry backhoe driver in keningau | weirdkaya
Screenshot via Reddit

Watch the video here:

Went ballistic over summons

According to Keningau District police chief DSP Nor Rafidah Kasim, perliminary investigations revealed that the altercation occurred when staff from the JPJ Keningau branch issued a fine to the man, reported The Sun Daily.

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The inspection subsequently found that there was an offence committed. When a summons was being issued, the disgruntled driver drove his backhoe to topple the vehicle of the JPJ team, causing damage to it.

“The officer managed to avoid injury during the incident. Police arrested the local male driver and seized the backhoe vehicle,” she said.

Nor Rafidah added that the case will be investigated under Sections 186/353 and 427 of the Penal Code and urged the public to avoid speculating on the incident.

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