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Netizens create hilarious number plates after JPJ announces bidding for the letters ‘BRA’

Wonder what are the tyres' cup size.

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) recently announced on its official Facebook page that Malaysians can now openly bid for the latest plate number.

Except that there’s one potential issue: it bears the letters ‘BRA’.

According to the poster, the bidding period begins on June 29 and will close at 10pm on July 3, where the results will be announced on July 4.

Those interested on getting their hands on the number plate are to place their bids at JPJ’s e-bidding website.

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What’s in a bra?

Naturally, creative Malaysians got to work by coming up with ludicrous combinations of the letters ‘BRA’ and numbers.

Photo via Facebook/JPJ Malaysia

One even suggested bringing the number plate to the largely conservative state of Kelantan to see what the reaction would be like.

Photo via Facebook/JPJ Malaysia

Some also expressed excitement in seeing when the JPJ Penang branch will unveil the letters ‘PUK’ to the public. #iykyk

Photo via Facebook/JPJ Malaysia

What other humourous combinations you can think of? Let us know in the comment section but please keep it clean, okay?

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Cover image via Facebook/JPJ Malaysia & knowyourmeme.com