Johor MB ‘Spotchecks’ JB Customs, Reprimands Staff For Having Only One Motorcycle Lane Open

Much respect earned.

Not long ago, the Johor’s Menteri Besar, Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi appeared spontaneously at the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex in Johor Bharu and seemed to have expressed dissatisfaction over the efficiency of the procedures.

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Johor MB makes suprise visit at JB customs

The Chief Minister recently made another unexpected visit to the CIQ, only to find that inefficiency issues persist at the Malaysia-Singapore border, much to his dismay.

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In a video of 1 minute and 8 seconds posted by @jdt01unite, the Johor MB noticed that there was a traffic congestion for all the motorcyclists who were having a tough time going through the checkpoint.

Bunch of motorcyclists stuck in a jam at johor checkpoint
Photo via @jdt01unite

‘Honking is common’

One of the Immigration officers claimed that honking was a common occurrence at the border. However, the Johor Chief Minister refuted this statement, suspecting that something unusual was happening, as he did not experience any congestion during his previous visit.

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In split seconds, the MB managed to figure out the underlying reason and proceeded to remonstrate with the CIQ Immigration officer.

The Chief Minister subsequently discovered that the traffic congestion was caused by the CIQ having only one motorcycle lane open, due to a skylift obstructing the other lanes, presumably for maintenance work.

Oppressions were made by the MB to remove the skylift as it was a hurdle for all the motorcyclists traveling.

Johor menteri besar datuk onn hafiz ghazi
Photo via @jdt01unite

“I definitely saw this coming. You most certainly can’t do this. The skylift is blocking the way. You order your driver to move the vehicle now. Why would you want to block the way early morning itself?” said Onn Hafiz.

The video then showcased the traffic disappearing slowly after the skylift was removed.

Video via Tiktok/@jdt01unite

The video is now racking up views which are currently at 2 million views with over 144K likes.

Netizens are showing unconditional respect and gratitude towards the MB for taking the matter in his hands.

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Johor mb 'spotchecks' jb customs, reprimands staff for having only one motorcycle lane open comment 1

Some saluted his stern decision and the outcome he made in split seconds.

Johor mb 'spotchecks' jb customs, reprimands staff for having only one motorcycle lane open comment 2

Public mentioned that he was the best fit as their MB. “Action speaks louder than words” most replied.


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