[VIDEO] “No Perfect Job” — Chemistry Graduate Who Now Works At KFC Strikes A Chord With TikTok Clip

No job is too small.

While it’s commonly believed that graduating with a degree takes you to better paying jobs or work opportunities, sometimes it doesn’t work out quite that way, like in the case of this TikToker.

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In a TikTok clip by @ainxxang, she recounted how she graduated with a degree in Chemistry from a local university but now works at KFC instead.

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While she admitted that they was no “perfect job”, she was nevertheless thankful and added that all income was from God.

Watch the clip here:

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@ainxang No perfect job, but riqz is from Allah. #fyp #thankful ♬ original sound – Kim2 & May2 Official 🏳️‍🌈 – kimkim________

Her video was later shared on Twitter by MUDA co-founder and vice-president Dr Thanussha, who wrote that “underemployment is a massive issue in Malaysia especially among young people, and the future looks bleak”.

Same sentiment shared across the board

In the thread, Dr Thanussha also shared the many stories of Malaysians who were also facing the same predicament, where their skill set and job were severely mismatched.


She added that having a job should be a sense of accomplishment for young people instead of being a burden.

This is the lived reality of young graduates in Malaysia. Taking up any job to survive and not be a burden. While they should be applauded for striving and finding income, they should never have been put in that position.

She also called upon the country’s leaders to address the issue and provide better job prospects instead of vying for political power.

Many netizens agreed with Dr Thanusha’s thoughts and echoed her appeals for the authorities to intervene in the matter.



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