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JKR Sarawak spent RM50k building this wooden jetty and M’sians are super unhappy with it

The wood may have gold in it.

MIRI – The Sarawak Public Works Department (JKR Sarawak) has come under heave fire after it was revealed that RM50,000 was spent constructing a seemingly simple wooden jetty at  Kampung Mutap in Bekenu.

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An alternative route for locals

In a recent Facebook post by Corporate Communication JKR Sarawak, it posted several pictures of the handover ceremony celebrating the project’s completion last Wednesday (Apr 6).

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In the post, JKR Sarawak revealed that the project, which began on March 7, took less than a month to be completed and was ahead of schedule on April 1.

JKR Sarawak added that the jetty, which was 1m wide x 15m long, will help to serve the locals by acting as an alternative route to the Bekenu Market especially during high tides and floods.

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This jetty was built to replace the old jetty that has been damaged and can no longer be used.

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Representative of jkr sarawak
Photo via Facebook/Corporate Communication JKR Sarawak

It also revealed that the project was under the supervision of JKR Sarawak and came at a cost of RM50,000.

‘RM50k for this?!’

JKR Sarawak’s post has since garnered over 7k reactions at the time of writing, with many criticising the department for wasting taxpayer money at such an exorbitant cost.

Some questioned if the jetty was a full-fledged building and wondered how many subcontractors were employed for the job.

Jkr sarawak spent rm50k building this wooden jetty and m'sians are super unhappy with it | weirdkaya

They also pointed out that at best, RM10,000 would have been enough to construct the entire jetty.

Jkr sarawak spent rm50k building this wooden jetty and m'sians are super unhappy with it | weirdkaya

A netizen even jokingly said that secondary school students would do a much better job as part of their Kemahiran Hidup (Integrated Living Skills) subject.

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Jkr sarawak spent rm50k building this wooden jetty and m'sians are super unhappy with it | weirdkaya

JKR Sarawak: It’s below market price

In response to the backlash, JKR Sarawak released a two-page media statement explaining the cost of the jetty.

Our estimation cost is based on JKR Sarawak’s Schedule of Rate (S.O.R) 2020 with [the] rate of RM9,000.00 per meter cube for the timber purchase which is lower than the current market price.

It added that the department also took into account the road’s condition, logistics, and safety.

With the budget of RM50,000, we managed to design the 15m long jetty along with two staircases.

JKR Sarawak also revealed the entire process of the project, which you can take a look here:

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Jkr statement on wooden jetty for rm50k page 1
Source: Facebook/Corporate Communication JKR Sarawak

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Cover Images via Facebook/Corporate Communication JKR Sarawak

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