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Jimmy Choo Wows M’sians With Songket Blazer While Walking The Streets Of London

Malaysian pride!

Famed designer Datuk Jimmy Choo is a household name in the designer world, and he recently captured online attention by promoting Malaysian attire during a street interview in London, UK.

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Shows off songket blazer

In a 1-minute street interview posted by @worldmicrophoneldn on Instagram, Choo was spotted taking a stroll outside his fashion school, JCA London Fashion Academy, at Hanover Square.

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He was also accompanied by his mentee Peony Sin.

Jimmy choo and peony sin
Screenshot via Instagram/@worldmicrophoneldn

As they were chatting with the interviewer, the latter couldn’t help but to notice the gorgeous attire they were wearing.

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Choo then went on to explain how his blazer jacket was made using a fabric unique to Malaysians – songket.

(Songket) is the most treasured fabric in Malaysia. (It’s) sewn by hands with gold and silver threads.

“The jacket was designed for me by my favourite student,” he added, pointing to Sin.

Jimmy choo's songket suit
Screenshot via Instagram/@worldmicrophoneldn

Inspired by Malaysian culture

Sin then revealed that Choo’s blazer and her cheongsam were made under her brand, Rafflesia, and added that songket was often used to make clothing for weddings and traditional events.

“It is a modern desgin, which I incorporate elements of Chinese cheongsam to showcase our Malaysian diverse culture,” she said.

Peony sin's dress
Screenshot via Instagram/@worldmicrophoneldn

Choo chimed in by saying that both his and Sin’s clothes was a union between Western and Chinese culture tied together with songket.

He also said that he believes his mentee’s design will further introduce songket into other parts of the world.

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I really respect my parents’ origins. We are still Chinese after all. I am Malaysian Chinese,” said the 73-year-old designer.

Jimmy choo and peony sin
Screenshot via Instagram/@worldmicrophoneldn

Watch the full interview here:

It’s such a rare sight to see Malaysian attire being promoted by the revered designer himself and we definitely hope to see more of it being shown on the global stage!

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Jimmy choo wows m'sians with songket blazer while walking the streets of london | weirdkaya
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