JB Mall Receives Bomb Threat Call From Overseas, Police Say Suspect’s Motive Related To Israel-Palestine Conflict

Police confirm the mall received a threat call.

A tumultuous scene unfolded at the Southkey Mid Valley Mall in Johor Baru as crowds were urgently evacuated following a bomb threat this evening.

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The police have confirmed that the mall management received a phone call from an individual claiming to be from overseas.

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Jb mall receives bomb threat call from overseas, police say suspect’s motive related to israel-palestine conflict | weirdkaya
Photo from X/ danishizmeer

The caller made a threat to plant a bomb, specifically urging people not to support Palestine, according to China Press.

The call, which was received by the mall’s management around 6:10 pm, immediately triggered security protocols.

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Assistant Commissioner Raub, the Chief of Police for the Johor Bahru South District, convened a press conference near the scene around 10:00 pm.

He confirmed that a thorough search of the Southkey Mid Valley Mall had been completed, and everything was deemed safe.

Authorities are urging the public to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity.

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