It’s Official. M’sia Won’t Be Hosting The 2026 Commonwealth Games

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Malaysia potentially hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games, and now we finally have an answer to the question.

It has been reported that the Government has rejected the offer given by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) to host the international sporting event in 2026.

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It's official. M'sia won't be hosting the 2026 commonwealth games | weirdkaya
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According to Kosmo!, this decision was made by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) after the conclusion of the Cabinet Meeting, considering all aspects of hosting and its implications.

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In the statement issued by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, it is expected that the CGF’s offer of £100 million (RM603 million) will be insufficient to cover the overall costs of hosting this event.

Also, a delegation from the CGF met with the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hannah Yeoh, and conducted an explanatory session regarding the hosting offer, which was also attended by the Second Finance Minister on February 5th.

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“The outcome of the meeting was presented in the Cabinet Meeting and, among other things, highlighted that the CGF’s offer of £100 million (RM603 million) is expected to be insufficient to cover the total costs of hosting a large-scale sports event.

“Additionally, the economic impact cannot be determined in the short term.

“Therefore, the government has decided not to accept the offer from the CGF and expresses gratitude to the CGF for the hosting offer of the 2026 Commonwealth Games,” the statement said.

Apart from Malaysia, the CGF has also extended the opportunity to Singapore to host the 23rd edition of the Commonwealth Games in 2026.

What do you think about this decision? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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