‘It Was Scary’ – M’sian Woman Who Was Abducted By Car Robber Shares Her Experience

The woman managed to grab her daughter's handbag as she escaped.
On June 4th, at a Shell petrol station in Semambu, a terrifying incident occurred when a 68-year-old woman named Napisah was waiting in the car while her daughter went to the restroom, and a thief hijacked the vehicle with her inside.

Speaking to Kosmo!, Napisah shared detailed accounts of the terrifying incident, describing how she was taken along with her car and the events that led to her escape.

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Victim of the robbery
Image via Kosmo!

Tried to Escape

“I didn’t notice a man entering the car at first because I was looking towards the restroom,” she recounted.

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“Suddenly, a man came in, sat next to me in the driver’s seat, and I wanted to escape, but he grabbed my shoulder and told me to stay quiet.” She said.

Napisah initially thought of jumping out of the car to escape, but the thief held her shoulder firmly, preventing her from fleeing.

Fortunately, the thief let Napisah go after driving just 400 meters from the petrol station. She was unharmed during the ordeal.

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Forcibly Grabbed Her Shoulder

Reflecting on the incident, she recalled how the thief kept holding her shoulder, insisting she remain still and silent.

“I wanted to run, but he held me. He grabbed my shoulder and said, ‘Stay quiet.’ I tried to get out, but he was accelerating, and I saw my child chasing the car,” Napisah explained.

Fearing being taken further away, Napisah struggled to escape. As the thief slowed down near a shop area not far from the petrol station, she seized the opportunity.

“He wanted to turn left into the shop area, and I kept struggling to get out. He slowed down and said, ‘If you want to get out, then get out,’ before pushing me out of the car.” Napisah shared.

Despite the chaos, Napisah managed to grab her daughter’s handbag before being pushed out of the car.

Took Place in Semambu

In a statement, Kuantan District Police Chief Wan Mohd Zahari confirmed that the incident occurred on May 4th at 3:10 PM at a Shell petrol station in Semambu.

Napisah’s daughter had stopped to refuel, and both she and her husband went to the restroom. After refueling, the daughter parked the car near the restroom with the engine running.

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When Napisah returned to the car, a thief suddenly entered and drove off with her inside.

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