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Ismail Sabri Refused A New Car While He Was PM Too, Says Aide

Not unusual.

Prime minister Anwar Ibrahim’s refusal to use a newly purchased car isn’t something new as it was done by his predecessor as well, said an aide to Ismail Sabri.

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According to Ruhaidini Abd Kadir, who served as Ismail’s press secretary, said the former premier had turned down an offer to use a bullet-proof vehicle.

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Instead, he chose to ride in a multipurpose vehicle (MPV) that was used by the previous administration.

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“In fact, Ismail even refused to approve upgrades to Perdana 1 (the official aircraft of the prime minister).

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“He also continued to stay in his personal home and opted against moving to Seri Perdana, though the prime minister’s official residence had been nicely renovated,” she wrote.

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Last Sunday (Nov 27), Anwar took to social media to announce his decision to not use a Mercedes S600 which was purchased by the government, adding that this was to prevent wastage from occurring.

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