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‘When are you getting a wife?’ Ismail Sabri jokingly tells 33yo son to get hitched on his birthday

Anyone interested in being the Prime Minister's daughter-in-law?

PETALING JAYA – Calling all the single ladies! Our Prime Minister’s son is looking for someone to put a ring on it!

On Wednesday (Dec 15), Ismail Sabri wished his son Dafi in a short and sweet Instagram post before ending it with an undeniably Asian question:

When will you bring back a potential wife? Hehe.

Dafi then responded by first thanking his father for the birthday wishes before jokingly telling him to “watch out”.

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You can read the post here:

Ismail sabri wishing dafi happy birthday
Photo via ig/ @ismailsabri60

Dafi, who is an artist, later told mStar that he doesn’t mind being asked about his love life.

“It’s normal for parents are worried about their children’s marriage. My parents don’t ask me very often as they understand getting married is not a matter of age. I still have other life goals to achieve before settling down for marriage.”

But I’ll get there one day. After all, who wouldn’t want to get married, right?” he said.

Dafi added that he isn’t in a hurry to have a family of his own as he wants to make sure that he spends his life with the right person.

“I am searching for an interesting individual who can light up my life and has a good sense of humour.”

'when are you getting a wife? ' ismail sabri jokingly tells 33yo son to get hitched on his birthday | weirdkaya
Photo via ig/ dafiismailsabri

The 33-year-old also said that questions pertaining to marriage should be seen as a blessing instead of a sensitive topic.

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“I know many people get frustrated with such questions, but I’m taking it positively because I think they are just concerned about me.”

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Cover image via Harian Metro & IG/ @ismailsabri60

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