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Is the New YOMARO Frozen Yoghurt Better Than llaollao? I Tried It and Here Are My Thoughts

New kid on the block.
Just like ice cream, the frozen yoghurt scene is getting recognition and growing immensely in Malaysia.

There are new froyo outlets popping up like mushrooms after rain ( but I’m not complaining!) and as you guessed it, there’s a new girl in town called YOMARO.

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Word has it that the new girl might just be a little better than Miss Popular herself, Llao Llao. 

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As a froyo fan myself, I had to see what’s so special about this new spot compared to the others.

Just a little background on the brand: YOMARO was created in Düsseldorf, Germany, where it embodies the idea of an unique ice cream-like product paired with a wide variety of toppings and sauces and has since have stolen the hearts of Germans.

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The location

Knowing that it’s the first ever branch to be positioned in an accessible and crucial location, YOMARO smartly chose to open its maiden store at the new TRX Exchange Mall which has been the buzz among Malaysians. 

People commuting via MRT have been stopping by just to check it out, proving that this strategic move is a big win for them.

Besides that, the store’s aesthetics are pretty appealing and draws a lot of attention from the Gen Zs, even though the seating area is a bit limited. If you’re into capturing great-looking food snaps, this place is definitely a go-to for you.

Portions & prices

YOMARO offers three sizes for their frozen yoghurt servings: small at RM12.90, medium at RM16.90, and large at RM19.90.

Their portion sizes stand out among other frozen yoghurt outlets, especially the medium size that can easily serve more than two people. Considering the price, the portion sizes were more than fair and definitely worth it.

Smooth, velvety frozen yoghurt

For a delicious and memorable frozen yoghurt experience, the base (frozen yoghurt) itself should be up to the mark. 

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YOMARO’s yoghurt base strikes a perfect balance—thick yet airy, with a subtle acidity that harmonizes beautifully with its delicate sweetness. The overall experience is a velvety-smooth and creamy delight.

However, YOMARO’s yoghurt tends to be slightly more tangy compared to other frozen yoghurt brands in market. If that’s not your preference, this might not be the best choice for you.

Yet, it’s noticeably creamier and denser than other outlets. For me personally, the base was an absolute win!

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Toppings & sauces 

As hardcore frozen yoghurt fans would know, the toppings are what ultimately makes or breaks the experience.

At YOMARO, the array of toppings and sauces is impressive, ranging from granola, chocolate chips, and fresh fruits to pistachio sauce, chocolate sauce, and even jams.

The only major drawback in selecting the toppings was the disparity between the number of toppings and sauces offered. With a medium serving, you could opt for up to three toppings but only one sauce.

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Offering four toppings without separating them from the sauces would have been more preferable, especially for those who enjoy multiple sauces on their froyo.

Focusing on the sauces, the amount poured on the yoghurt is very little compared to the portion sizes. While the sauces themselves are enjoyable, the satisfaction ends at the top layer, leaving little to enjoy with the rest of the yoghurt due to the scarcity of sauce.

Is the new yomaro frozen yoghurt better than llaollao? I tried it and here are my thoughts | weirdkaya
Photo by WeirdKaya

As for the toppings, the granola and muesli might not be everyone’s preference on frozen yoghurt, as they were quite challenging to bite into and made the experience way less enjoyable. The same applies to the chocolate chips as they were a tad too big and too hard to consume.

On the bright side, the fruits, particularly the lychee, were wonderfully delicious and juicy, adding a burst of brightness to the entire dessert. They were flavorful and served as a refreshing complement to the frozen yoghurt.


Overall, YOMARO’s frozen yoghurt was deliciously thick and creamy, offering portion sizes that truly justified their price.

However, there’s room for improvement in the toppings and sauces serving options to elevate the dessert further. On a brighter note, the fresh fruit toppings were an absolute delight!

And if you’re asking if the new girl is worth it? Absolutely! It’s a great option if you’re in a sizable group looking for a dessert to share. However, for those who prefer a sweeter frozen yogurt experience, this might not be the ideal choice.

Even with these areas to refine, it is worth trying at least once. 

Have you tried YOMARO yet? Do let us know in the comments!


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