Is Asia’s Tallest ‘Waterfall’ Actually Just Water Flowing Out From Pipe?

The authorities clarified that they made "a small enhancement during the dry season" to enrich visitors' experience.
The “Yuntai Skyfall” in Henan’s Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area is a popular tourist spot, especially during the rainy season, when it boasts a spectacular waterfall.

During the wet season, it looks like a silver river falling from the sky, as majestic as a jade pillar.

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However, on June 3rd, a netizen posted a video revealing that the source of the waterfall is just a few large water pipes spraying water.

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The video shared by the netizen clearly shows that the waterfall is created by water flowing from several large pipes.

Is asia’s tallest ‘waterfall’ actually just water flowing out from pipe? | weirdkaya
Photo from ettoday

The video uploaded to social media platforms left many netizens stunned. However, some people initially believed that the video might be fake.

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Some netizens defended the practice, saying, “I don’t like people who take things too seriously. If there’s no water, you complain it’s a wasted trip. If there is water, you say it’s fake. In the North, water flow is usually low during the dry season, so this is done to provide visitors with a pleasant experience.”

Another comment noted, “It’s currently the dry season in the North, and with no rain this spring, they probably had no choice but to use pipes to avoid disappointing tourists.”

The official response

On June 4th, the official response was finally released on Wei. In a post on Weibo on the evening of June 4th, the authorities stated that Yuntai Skyfall is one of the many natural water systems in the Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area.

However, as a seasonal landscape, they made “a small enhancement during the dry season” to enrich visitors’ experience.

Is asia’s tallest ‘waterfall’ actually just water flowing out from pipe? | weirdkaya
Photo from Weibo


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