Ipoh White Coffee Ranked 10th Best Coffee In The World

Malaysians are huge coffee drinkers as it’s part of our culture and go-to beverage to have before heading for work or simply to laze around and chat with friends.

As such, it’s a great piece of news to know that our very own Ipoh white coffee recently made it into the list of the ‘Best Coffees in the World’ list released by international food and lifestyle website TasteAtlas.

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A cup of ipoh white coffee
Photo via Trip.com

Ipoh white coffee 10th best coffee in the world

According to the list released by TasteAtlas, Ipoh white coffee came in at 10th place, where it came ahead of other contenders such as Vietnamese Iced coffee, Espresso and Dalgona.

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Here was the website’s description of the beverage:

This coffee style originated in Ipoh, but contrary to its name, it is not white. The name stems from the roasting technique in which coffee beans are lightly roasted in margarine before they are ground and brewed.

“The origin of this roasting style is usually associated with Hainanese immigrants in Malaysia, who adapted the classic technique to create a beverage that has a milder, lightly caramelized coffee flavor. Ipoh white coffee is usually enriched with condensed milk and should have a light froth on top.”

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TasteAtlas also noted that Ipoh white coffee shouldn’t be confused with ‘white coffee’, which refers to coffee served with the addition of milk or creamer.

As for the top nine, they were:

  • Frappe Coffee (Greece) – #9
  • Ristretto (Italy) – #8
  • Turkish Coffee (Turkey) – #7
  • Cappuccino (Italy) – #6
  • Cafe Bombon (Spain) – #5
  • Freddo Cappuccino (Greece) – #4
  • Indian Filter Coffee (India) – #3
  • Cafe Cubano (Cuba) – #2
  • Espresso Freddo (Greece) – #1

According to the website, the ranking was based on 3,878 ratings, out of which 2,559 were recognized as legitimate.

Huge hooray for Ipoh white coffee for making it into the list!


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