S’pore’s Kaya Toast Makes It Into World’s Top 50 Tastiest Sandwiches But M’sia Is Nowhere To Be Seen

Kaya Toast at No. 42, by Singapore.

Kaya Toast, a beloved breakfast staple in both Malaysia and Singapore, recently earned a spot among the top 50 tastiest sandwiches globally, as announced by the culinary website TasteAtlas.

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Surprisingly, the accolade was awarded solely to Singapore’s version of Kaya Toast, leaving Malaysia’s rendition off the list.

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TasteAtlas, in its latest rankings for the years 2023/2024, positioned Singapore’s Kaya Toast at number 42, celebrating it as one of the world’s most delectable sandwiches.

The site’s commentary highlights Kaya Toast as a popular breakfast choice in both Malaysia and Singapore, yet only the Singaporean version made it to the list.

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According to TasteAtlas, the origin of Kaya Toast can be traced back to Hainanese chefs aboard British ships, who settled in Singapore and started selling this unique creation.

S'pore's kaya toast makes it into world's top 50 tastiest sandwiches but m'sia is nowhere to be seen | weirdkaya
Photo from Instagram/ tasteatlas

It features kaya, a coconut jam, which replaced the traditional British jam, making it a distinctive local delicacy.

The top five sandwiches in the world, as per TasteAtlas, include Vietnam’s Banh mi, Turkey’s Tombik doner, Lebanon’s Shawarma, Mexico’s Tortas, and the American Lobster Roll.

Notably, Banh mi also secured the 9th and 29th positions with its variations, while Macau’s Pork Chop Bun ranked 26th.


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