Ipoh Security Guard Known for Helping Patients To Receive Medal From Agong For Selfless Service

Thanks for your hard work, Puan Yogeswary!

In a proud moment for the city of Ipoh, a security guard named Puan Yogeswary whose spontaneous act of kindness captured the nation’s heart will be honored by Malaysia’s Agong.

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The guard is set to receive a medal as part of a ceremony taking place at the Istana Negara, recognizing her selfless service to the community.

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Helpful towards patients and visitors

The guard’s story went viral when she was seen assisting expectant mothers and their families at the Women and Children’s Complex, HRPB Ipoh.

Her contributions have significantly eased the burdens faced by these families, particularly in facilitating parking and offering support during one of the most critical times in their lives.

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Her actions, purely motivated by a desire to help, exemplify the very essence of public service.

The official invitation to the investiture ceremony, dated Nov 28, 2023, outlines the event scheduled for Dec 19, 2023.

The guard’s heartfelt thanks, expressed in a widely shared social media post, acknowledges the support and comments from the public, her colleagues, and the broader hospital community.

This acknowledgment extends beyond mere words, reflecting a profound appreciation for the collective spirit that uplifts the unsung heroes in our midst.

As the date of the ceremony draws near, the guard’s story serves as a reminder of the difference one individual can make. Her upcoming honor from the Agong is a fitting tribute to her unwavering commitment to kindness and service.

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