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Interest in learning sign language is now on the rise thanks to Eternals hero Makkari

Representation matters!

Marvel’s latest cinematic film Eternals, which revolves around 10 immortal aliens with superhuman powers living undetected on Earth, has sparked a growing interest among fans in learning sign language.

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Eternals official poster
Image via: Marvel

This is all thanks to actress Lauren Ridloff, who stole the spotlight with her role as Marvel’s first deaf superhero, Makkari.

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Increased online interest

Throughout the film, Makkari is the only character that communicates in the American Sign Language (ASL).

Eternal first deaf superhero makkari
Credits: Marvel

And not only was Ridloff’s portrayal of Makkari amazing, but it has also led to a 250% spike in Google searches for “learning sign language for beginners”, according to online learning platform Preply.

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The Independent also reported that there was a 550% increase in Google searches regarding Ridloff following her spectacular performance in Eternals.

Providing visibility for the deaf community

The 43-year-old actress, who herself was born deaf, expressed her delight in seeing more people showing interest in picking up sign language.

She also told Variety that she never thought she would see a character like herself coming to life on the big screen.

It felt like it was a lifetime of waiting, I didn’t really see anyone like myself ever represented on the screen.

“Finally seeing Makkari appear on the screen — wow. It was definitely life changing,” she said.

Actress lauren ridloff as makkari
Image via: Twitter/@TheEternals

Ridloff also said that she hopes her appearance in Eternals would have a positive impact on communities who are largely marginalised or underrepresented in the film industry.

The blockbuster film was released last Friday (Nov 5), where it raked in $161mil (RM671mil) on its opening weekend, making it the second-best global box opening of 2021.

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Eternals is now screening in cinemas across Malaysia. Be sure to give it a watch!

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