Instagram Now Introduces New Features For Story Includes Instant Sticker Maker, Donation & Food Ordering Box

New hot icons to spice up your feed!🔥
Guess what we found today while casually scrolling through our feeds? Instagram Story just got some NEW FEATURES! Yep, you heard it right!

Today (1 Dec), we were just doing our thing when suddenly, BAM!

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An unexpected update hits us. As big Instagram fans, who wouldn’t be excited to find some cool new stuff to spice up our Insta experience?

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So, what’s the buzz?

Meta has revamped things, making it cool and simple by tossing all the features right onto the first page. No need to scroll endlessly – everything’s just a tap away.

Screenshot of instagram story's new feature.

Now, let’s dive into the details of these three new gems:

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Create Icon

Calling all meme makers and creative minds!

With the Create icon, you can whip up an instant sticker for your story. Just click the icon, pick a picture, and voilà!

Instagram story's new feature creating a sticker.

Magic happens, and you get a personalized sticker ready to share with your friends.

Screenshot a picture showing new feature

The best part? You can reuse it for future stories. Talk about efficiency!

Screenshot of instagram's new feature that keeps the stickers that were used previously.  

Donation Box

Next up, we have the Donation Box. Remember creating fundraisers for charities in your Instagram posts?

Instagram's new feature has a

Well, now you can seamlessly add them to your stories too!

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This will eventually will make your fundraiser stays visible in your bio for a cool 30 days. Plus, you can also pick the category.

Instagram now introduces new features for story includes instant sticker maker, donation & food ordering box | weirdkaya

Giving back just got a whole lot easier.

Food Order

Oh, this feature is exclusively available for businesses and creators in specific countries.

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Instagram story that shows multiple choices of food ordering app options.

When you add a ‘Food Orders’ sticker to your Instagram story, people can simply tap the sticker to place an order for your business’s food directly from your partner’s website.

Cool stuff, right?

But here’s the catch – not everyone seems to have these features just yet. Maybe it’s a slow rollout or a waiting game. Let’s all wait for the official word from Meta.

By the way, we just discovered these new features on Instagram today, but it seems not everyone has them yet. Maybe it’ll take some time, or let’s all wait for the official word from Meta.

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What do you think about these new Instagram story features? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.


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