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‘Anyone Here Wants To Marry Me?’ – 35yo Inspector Sheila Is Now Looking For Her Life Partner

Interested? You can drop her a PM.

Inspector Sheila Sharon Steven Kumar, who previously grabbed headlines due to circulating videos of her behaving discourteously and threatening her fellow police colleagues, has resurfaced on social media for a rather surprising reason.

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Inspector Sheila looking for a life partner

This time, she is not stirring controversy but is rather seeking a life partner.

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In a recent post, the controversial officer called upon her social media followers for a unique proposal.

“Anyone here wants to marry me? Let me know in the comment section, we will definitely go on a date to test the field in which both of us have to like each other,” she stated.

In her unconventional marriage proposal, she outlined her expectations, stating that any potential suitor must meet her set conditions.

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After meeting her criteria, the potential suitor will need to gain approval and blessings from her father.

Inspector sheila facebook post looking for life partner
Screengrab via Facebook/Sheila Sharon Steven Kumar

However, she didn’t specify the criteria in her post.

She further added, “Only those who comment on this post, get to go out on a date with me. This applies to all single men regardless of their age, race, religion, profession, location, etc. So what are you waiting for? Drop ‘YES’ in your comments. And I will private message you.

Who is Inspector Sheila?

S. K. Sheila Sharon, aged 35, serves as an investigating officer at the Bukit Aman Criminal Commercial Investigation Department.

With seven years of service under her belt, Sheila comes from a police background, as her father was an Assistant Superintendent with a 39-year tenure in the force.

Sheila recently drew attention for her role in two widely circulated videos. The first video showed Sheila harshly reproaching two Lance Corporals who had requested her authority card.

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She also seemed to be recording them with her mobile phone during this encounter.

A second video, which soon followed the first, depicted Sheila in a heated exchange with a man and a woman in a parking lot in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

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“The parking lot is spacious, and the car owner opened his car. He shouted ‘Oi’ at me while I was parking my car and called me crazy,” she was heard saying, once again holding her phone as if to record the incident.

Sheila also made comments on the woman’s outfit and appearance.

Following the widespread attention these videos received, authorities were quick to respond.

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Sheila was called in by the Selangor police to give her account of the events and was later detained at the Gombak police headquarters.

On 22 June, Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution announced at a press conference that Sheila was suspended pending the outcome of an investigation.

Bukit Aman’s Integrity and Standard Compliance Department has opened six disciplinary investigation papers related to these incidents.

Sheila was subsequently charged in two separate magistrate’s courts on 26 June, where she pleaded not guilty to two charges before Magistrate Chai Guan Hock and another charge before Magistrate Nur Hafizah Rajuni.

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