Indulge In Year-End Joy With Pocky’s New Limited Edition Sweet-Fruity Treat!

Share happiness with Pocky's limited edition now!
Pocky enthusiasts, get ready for a flavour fiesta that will elevate your year-end festivities. Pocky has just unleashed a new sensation, redefining the game of snacking just in time for the holiday season!

Say hello to the flavour extravaganza!

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Ever wondered about the magic that unfolds when the iconic Pocky stick meets a burst of luscious and juicy mixed-berry macaron? 

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Get ready for an explosion of flavorful ecstasy that’ll make your taste buds dance with joy. Every bite is a fiesta of delicious, mind-boggling delights, perfect for sharing during the season of happiness and togetherness. 

Indulge in year-end joy with pocky's new limited edition sweet-fruity treat! | weirdkaya

Curious About Pocky’s Latest Year-End Sensation?

Here’s everything you need to know.

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  • Mess-Free Bliss

Pocky Festive Delight means snack time without the mess! Enjoy the goodness without the cleanup hassle – a snack revolution for the neat snacker in you!

  • Joyful Taste Uplift

Elevate your taste experience with Pocky’s Festive Delight! The classic stick meets mixed berry macaron, creating a burst of happiness in every bite. It’s not just a snack, it’s a taste celebration, making it an ideal treat for sharing and spreading joy during the year-end festivities.

  • Limited Edition Year-End Magic

Pocky Festive Delight is no ordinary treat – it’s limited edition magic specially curated for the year-end celebrations. Be part of the exclusive crew savouring this unique blend during the season of joy. Grab it fast before it vanishes – a snacking treasure you don’t want to miss as you welcome the new year with flavour! 

Head to your nearest store and keep your eyes peeled for Pocky Festive Delight – it’s the one with the dazzling purple and pink packaging that screams “TRY ME!” 

Indulge in year-end joy with pocky's new limited edition sweet-fruity treat! | weirdkaya

Most importantly, forget to spread the year-end joy with your loved ones, family, and friends – because this snack deserves its own fan club!

For the latest updates and exciting news, hop on over to Pocky’s Facebook page or Instagram.

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