Indonesian Woman Who Blocked Moving Proton Wira At Traffic Light Said She Was Concerned About Her Husband’s Health

The wife did not want her husband to drive due to health concerns, but he ignored her advice.

A woman in Port Dickson has made headlines after a video of her using her body to block a moving car went viral on social media. The woman, dubbed the “human shield”, has now voluntarily admitted her mistake at the police station.

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Woman came forward to file a police report

Deputy Chief of Port Dickson Police District, Mohamad Mustafa, announced in a statement yesterday that the 32-year-old Indonesian woman and her 58-year-old Indonesian husband went to the Port Dickson Police Station to admit their mistake at 4:15 pm.

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The woman is a housewife, and her husband is a construction worker. They went to the police station to admit their mistake and explain the incident after learning that it had gone viral online.

Quarrel before the incident

Mohamad Mustafa stated that the police investigation found that the couple lived together in a house in Port Dickson. “Before the incident, they had an argument because the husband wanted to go to their child’s house in Jelok Kandis, but the wife was worried about her husband’s health and tried to stop him, as he had been receiving treatment at the hospital after fasting for 6 days.”

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He said that the husband ignored his wife’s advice and left the house intending to drive to Jelok Kandis. “With the help of a neighbor, the wife rode on the neighbor’s motorcycle and found her husband at the traffic light at Batu 1 in Port Dickson. She stopped the Proton Wira driven by her husband and prevented him from continuing to drive.”

The couple also apologized for their dangerous behavior that endangered themselves and the public.

The incident, which has been widely circulated on social media, captured the woman dressed in a yellow Malay outfit lying on the hood of a Proton Wira while gripping the two wipers tightly, attempting to prevent the car from moving forward. The sight was nerve-wracking for onlookers, as they watched the driver slowly move forward before finally turning a corner and parking the car by the roadside.

However, due to the distance and heavy traffic, it was impossible for anyone to hear the conversation between the woman and the driver, making it unclear what had caused the dispute between them.

While the incident has been making the rounds on social media, it is important to note that taking matters into your own hands and putting your life, as well as the lives of others, at risk is not advisable.


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