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Indonesian Groom Discovers Bride Is Actually A Man 12 Days After The Wedding

The bride's real aim emerged when 'she' confessed to marrying AK for his family's wealth.
In a tale that seems more suited to a sensational drama plot than real life, a love story in Indonesia took a terrifying turn just 12 days after the wedding bells rang.

What began as a blossoming romance ended in a nightmarish revelation for a 26-year-old groom named AK from Naringgul, Java, who discovered that the woman he had married was not who she claimed to be.

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Indonesian groom discovers bride is actually a man

Adinda kanza
Photo via Tribun News

AK’s journey to heartbreak began when he encountered Adinda Kanza, also 26, on Instagram.

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Their digital connection swiftly evolved into a year-long courtship, culminating in a decision to tie the knot, reported NST.

The couple opted for a simple ceremony, with Adinda explaining that she lacked any family members who could participate in the celebration. Crucially, they didn’t formally register their marriage certificate.

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Signs of suspicion: Reluctance to engage intimately

Andida kanza/esh wedding

The first seeds of doubt were sown just 12 days into their marriage.

AK became increasingly suspicious as Adinda shunned contact with her family and persisted in wearing a niqab, even within the confines of their home.

Her reluctance to engage intimately with her husband, citing menstrual cycles and ill health, only heightened his concerns.

She was not a woman at all

Driven by a growing sense of unease, AK embarked on an investigation that shattered his world.

He traced Adinda’s purported family address, only to uncover a startling truth: Adinda was not an orphan, as she had led him to believe.

Her parents were alive and well, completely unaware of their daughter’s clandestine activities. What’s more, Adinda was not a woman at all but their son, identified as ESH, who had been cross-dressing since 2020.

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The web of deceit spun by ESH swiftly unraveled under scrutiny. Adinda’s parents were shocked to learn of their new son-in-law and the elaborate deception he had orchestrated.

Motive: Family wealth to own

ESH’s true motives emerged when he confessed to marrying AK with the intention of absconding with his family’s wealth.

Authorities swiftly intervened, arresting ESH on charges of fraud. His audacious scheme, which had duped not only AK but also his own family, was now laid bare.

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Police officers noted ESH’s remarkably convincing disguise, complete with a high-pitched voice and adept use of makeup, which had successfully masqueraded as a woman.

As the legal proceedings unfold, ESH faces the grim prospect of a four-year prison sentence for his crimes.

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