Indonesian Dad Doesn’t Eat For 4 Days So That He Could Save Up For His Daughter’s Leukemia Treatment

A father's sacrifice.
In a recent TikTok video shared by @donnyrapu, a poignant scene unfolds in a fast-food restaurant where a man is seen carefully feeding his daughter but abstaining from eating himself.

The man, introduced as Zainuddin, later reveals that he is conserving funds to afford medical treatments for his daughter, Tara, who is suffering from leukemia.

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Zainuddin, who works as a freelance driver, typically earns around IDR 50,000 (approximately RM15) on a good day.

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Skip meals to save money

His modest income compels him to skip meals to ensure that Tara receives the nourishment she needs.

Rather than seek financial aid from relatives or friends, Zainuddin chooses to shoulder the burden alone, worried he might not be able to repay the money.

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He economizes by purchasing only essentials, such as instant noodles, focusing instead on his daughter’s well-being.

Deeply touched by Zainuddin’s dedication and sacrifice, Donny, the TikToker documenting the story, bought him a meal and provided some additional cash for emergencies.

The gesture moved Zainuddin to tears. As they left the restaurant, he expressed profound gratitude to Donny for the unexpected help and kindness.


Perjuangan pak Zainudin seorang supir angkot yang merawat anaknya Leukimia.

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