M’sian Dad Looking For Someone To Buy His BMW So That He Can Pay For 16yo Son’s Cancer Treatment

The treatment is estimated to cost over RM50,000.

A dedicated father from Kulai, Johor, is parting with something very dear to him—his cherished BMW E39, a sacrifice made in the hopes of securing a future for his son.

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His son is in the fight of his life against stage one intestinal cancer, a battle that has pushed his family to the brink.

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In order to fund the crucial cancer treatment for his son, 16-year-old Muhammad Adif Zafran said: “I’m willing to let go of my beloved BMW for RM18,000,” he announced on social media.

It’s not merely a car sale advertisement but a rallying cry for help in a dire situation.

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“It’s a model E39, still in good shape,” he mentions, underscoring the sacrifice he’s ready to make.

The RM18,000 asking price is more than just a transaction—it’s a lifeline for Adif, aiming to halt the cancer’s progression.

Diagnosed with stage one intestinal cancer

Opening up to Harian Metro, Erwan delved into the emotional weight of his decision.

“This car has been a part of our family’s journey for five years, mostly for trips that stretched across miles. I initially bought it for over RM30,000, but with the doctors pressing for immediate treatment, I’ve had to make this tough choice,” he explained.

Facing a staggering chemotherapy cost that looms over RM50,000, Erwan, a mechanic, finds himself grappling with financial uncertainty.

Despite an outpouring of support, with many even offering donations, Erwan remains focused on the sale.

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“I never intended to directly ask for money. Selling this car seemed like the best option to quickly gather the funds we need,” he stated, showcasing his unwavering commitment to his son’s fight against cancer.

We wish Erwan, Adif, and their entire family strength and hope during this challenging time.

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