‘I’m Very Much A Man’ – M’sian Shocks Netizens With His Super High-Pitched Voice In TikTok Clip

Free "voice changer" installed.
Prasant, a 24-year-old male student from Cheras, has gone viral on TikTok for his remarkably soft and feminine voice.

In a video published on TikTok, he clarifies that his voice is naturally feminine and not modified by any voice modulation software.

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“Very much a man.”

Prasant showing that he is indeed a man
Image via Harian Metro

“I believe my voice is one-of-a-kind, but I am very much a man,” Prasant asserts.

“I’ve never used voice modulation or AI software to change my voice. This is my natural voice, even though it sounds very soft. To me, it feels perfectly normal.” He added.

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In an interview with the Harian Metro, Prasant shared his experiences of going live on TikTok, where his voice has both bewildered and captivated many viewers.

While initially unsettled by negative comments, he has grown to appreciate the positive feedback.

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Embrace his own voice

“This is genuinely my original voice. If I try to make it deeper, it exhausts me. But I’ve received many supportive comments, with people saying my voice is pleasant to listen to.” Prasant said.

Prasant also recounted how phone conversations often lead to misunderstandings.

“People on the phone call me ‘sister,’ and I just tell them I’m a guy. I want to be myself and not worry about what others think, as long as my family knows who I am.”

Impressed TikTok Streamer

Prasant unique voice
Image via TikTok/leajulihi

On Saturday, June 29, Prasant went live on TikTok and had a chat with @leajulihi, a TikTok personality with 240,000 followers and he was astonished by Prasant’s voice.

“Is your voice real? If I turned off the camera, I would think you are a girl! Your voice is so unique!” he exclaimed.

Watch the video here:

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