I’m Now Billie Eilish’s ‘Close Friend’ On IG & Also Realised Pretty Much Everybody Is Too

We are officially besties now.
I woke up and, lo and behold, I had been anointed a Billie Eilish Close Friend – a status so elite, I almost didn’t believe it.

Then reality hit me like a cold shower: 111 million people were also in the club. Yup, Billie had decided to redefine “exclusive” by adding her entire Instagram following to her Close Friends list.

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Billie eilish close friend profile
Screenshot via IG/@billieeilish

Biggest close friend list ever

Imagine the scene: millions of people waking up, rubbing their eyes, and seeing that little green circle of exclusivity, only to realize it’s the biggest Close Friends list in history.

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The internet absolutely lost its collective mind. It was like finding out you’re part of a secret society, only to discover it includes everyone you’ve ever met, plus their dog.

On a seemingly average Thursday, April 4th, the Billie Eilish turned the social media world on its head, giving all 111 million of her followers a backstage pass to her Instagram close friend stories.

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Billie eilish close friend
Screenshot via IG/@billieeilish

Teasing something?

Sure enough, this unexpected stunt wasn’t without its motives. Many have pieced together the clues and speculated that it’s actually a tease for a new album.

Eilish dropped a breadcrumb trail earlier, hinting at her third studio album with an Instagram post in February that simply said it’s been “mastered.”

Though she has not shared the title or the tracks, Billie’s social media profiles, from Instagram to X (you know, the artist formerly known as Twitter), have all flipped to this eye-catching solid blue background.

Billie eilish profile on x
Image via X/@billieeilish

It seems Ms Eilish, in a stroke of marketing genius, was using her newly expanded inner circle to ingeniously create buzz for her next musical masterpiece.

Can’t wait to be a close friend with all celebrities in the future—imagine the inside scoops!

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