‘I’m Not Your Private Chauffeur!’ – SG Woman Slams Car Door After E-Hailing Driver Confronts Her For Making Him Wait

The driver recorded the incident, but technical issues with Grab blocked an immediate report.
In a recent incident, a private-hire vehicle (PHV) driver found himself in an uncomfortable situation when a passenger allegedly reacted strongly to being told she couldn’t treat him like a personal chauffeur.

SG woman slams car door after e-Hailing driver confronts her for making him wait

Sg woman made phv driver waited for her for 6 mins without a word and slammed the car door
Screenshot via Fb/Stomp

The incident, which occurred on May 19 around 3 p.m., has sparked discussions about professionalism, passenger etiquette, and the challenges faced by drivers in the ride-hailing industry.

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The driver, identified as Stomper Ho, recounted the events that transpired during the ride.

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He had picked up the passenger from a condominium on Robin Road and was headed towards The Malayan Council, a restaurant located on Winstedt Road, followed by a drop-off at United Square, reported Stomp.

She exited the vehicle without a word

Sg woman made phv driver waited for her for 6 mins without a word and slammed the car door
Screenshot via Fb/Stomp

However, upon reaching the first destination, the passenger exited the vehicle without a word and leisurely made her way towards a nearby ballet class, leaving the driver waiting for six minutes.

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Frustrated by the delay, Ho approached the passenger and politely reminded her of the inconvenience caused by her actions.

He emphasised that as a driver with trip incentives to complete, waiting without any communication was not acceptable.

‘I’m not your private chauffeur’

The passenger’s response, allegedly dismissive, indicated her intention to pay the waiting fee. This prompted Ho to assert his boundaries, stating, “Sorry, madam, I am not your private chauffeur.”

What followed next was an unexpected turn of events.

The passenger, seemingly agitated by the driver’s refusal to comply with her expectations, retrieved her belongings from the vehicle and, according to Ho, deliberately slammed the car door with force, causing vibrations that resonated with the driver.

‘Slammed my door, this lady. Look at her.

Shame on you. Shame on you.

Attempt to report the incident through Grab app

Grab app
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Grab

Ho, feeling the need to address the situation, captured the incident on video as an attempt to hold the passenger accountable for her actions.

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However, his attempts to report the incident through the Grab app were thwarted due to technical issues, leaving him unable to seek immediate resolution.

Reflecting on the incident, Ho emphasised the importance of treating others with respect and valuing their time.

Despite his frustration, he maintained his composure and chose to address the issue calmly after the passenger’s disrespectful behaviour.

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