“I’ll Get Married Next Year If Najib Goes To Jail” — Netizen Ready To Fulfil Promise He Made On Twitter

Good luck bro.

A netizen is ready to fulfil his promise of getting married next year should former Prime Minister Najib Razak be sent to jail.

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Twitter user @eryazmi first made the tweet on Aug 16, which was the second day of hearing of Najib’s appeal against his conviction and sentence in misappropriating SRC International funds.

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‘Okay, I’ll get married’

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for @eryazmi, he’s now obliged to keep his promise following the Federal Court’s unanimous decision to send Najib to jail yesterday.

Following the news, he announced that he’s a man of his word and said that he will find a partner very soon.

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To back up his claim, he even tagged the Twitter account @TwtJodoh, which is well known for pairing single Malaysians together.

Staying true to my word. Salam @/TwtJodoh. If I haven’t gotten married (by next year), it might be due to the climate apocalypse,” he added cheekily.

Screenshot via Twitter/@eryazmi

Similar promises made

Aside from marriage, many netizens have also been fulfilling the promise they made if Najib is shipped off to prison.

One netizen showed himself eating a plate of bean sprouts for his followers to see.

Even local stand-up comedian Dr Jason Leong joined in the fun, where he said that he would eat a plate of Singapore chicken rice livestream during his performance in Singapore on September 10.

On the other hand, there has been a pushback from Najib’s supporters over his conviction:

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Cover image via Twitter/E. Ryazmi, Facebook & pexels/Danu Hidayatur Rahman

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