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“If Anwar Can Prove That I Have RM1 Billion, I Will Give Half Of It To Him”, Says Mahathir

Mahathir makes a comeback with another challenge for Anwar.

As time goes by, Mahathir and Anwars rivalry do outshine through it all for all the comments and challenges thrown at each other. Here’s another one to add in the list.

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Our former prime minister and also one of the oldest, Mahathir has thrown another challenge to our current prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim.

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Mahathir and anwar ibrahim
Photo via Malaysia Now

Mahathir dared Anwar to dig up any evidence at sight of him owning 1 billion, and he would surrender half of it to our prime minister itself.

The statement was declared by Mahathir itself during a press conference which occured after a Hari Raya Open House organised by Kupang Pasu Charity in Kampong Nayah, Jitra.

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Moreover he claimed that Anwar would be facing his own consequences of false accusations made about Mahathir at the court.

According to Mahathir’s believes, he projected on how Anwar, as a Malay leader, should not be challenging other Malay leaders, but should lead as an example to the rest.

“Instead of accusing me and Datuk Seri Mukhriz owning billions and other fortunes such as planes, the evidence should speak” Mahathir expressed his dissapointment.

A little while ago, it was obvious that Mahathir was not even a inch satisfied with Anwar’s failure to name and insinuate that he have earned billions of cash for his own family and childer during his tenure.

On March 27, Mahathir sent out legal letters to Anwar directly, demanding the accusations to be withdrawn, and claiming that if he fails to do so, legal action will be taken.

In accordance with The Star’s report, Anwar pinpointed without revealing anyone’s identity, that most Malay political leaders didn’t give two cents about the public, yet only cared about their own families when they were in power, and defend Malay’s rights after they lost their power.

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Anwar ibrahim
Photo via The Star

According to Anwar, if their intention is genuine and they are purely devoted to helping the Malays, half of their wealth should be presented to the Malays.


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