Edited Video Circulating Online Shows Anwar Ibrahim Allegedly Groping Elizabeth Tan

Haters are now embarassed.

Right after our Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) started to take over as our country’s leader, there have been some individuals expressing opposition and seeking news that might potentially challenge DSAI’s reputation.

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Truth always comes to light

Recently, a video caught the public’s eye for DSAI’s ‘intentional activity’ towards Elizabeth Tan. DSAI’s opposers decided to grasp this fine opportunity to drag him down.

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The video potrayed DSAI ‘unintentionally’ bumping into the local celebrity , Elizabeth Tan. Yet, the truth did come to light.

Edited video circulating online shows anwar ibrahim allegedly groping elizabeth tan
Photo via TikTok/@Yimanas

The video’s caption was stated as ‘Puke’ .

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Soon after the video went viral, Elizabeth Tan’s TikTok video proved DSAI’s innocence in this matter. Looking from her point of view, the air can be made clear as it was her backing up and bumping into him.

Elizabeth tan and dsai side by side
Photo via TikTok/@Elizabethtan

“Sorry, sorry!” she said out of complete panic to DSAI in the video.

She was embarassed yet still conveyed her gratitude towards him by adding  “It’s such an honour to meet you”.

DSAI’s supporters sighed out of relief that the truth was out and that the haters can finally quiet themselves and be proved wrong.

Minister of Communications and Digital, Fahmi Fadzil also shared his concern by tweeting that PDRM must take further actions towards the accusers.

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