‘How Did It Get Up There?’ – M’sians Puzzled To See Metal Pole Impale Through Billboard At Rawang

Did Ultraman fight here?
A metal pole was found mysteriously embedded in a giant roadside billboard, raising safety concerns.

According to China Press, Rawang Assemblyperson Chua Wei Kiat couldn’t help but wonder how this happened when he saw the pole.

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Metal impaled into billboard
Image via China Press

How did the metal pole ended up there?

Yesterday afternoon, while passing by Mile 17 of Ipoh Road, Chua Wei Kiat was astonished to discover a massive metal pole, suspected to be from a roadside sign, dramatically impaled into the billboard.

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In an interview with China Press, he expressed his bewilderment, saying he couldn’t imagine how such a heavy pole ended up on the billboard.

“The billboard has been there for a long time, but I’m not sure when this act of vandalism occurred,” he said.

“Although the billboard is erected on a large traffic island, I am still concerned that the pole might suddenly fall and pose a threat to road users’ safety. Therefore, I have notified the Public Works Department to find a way to remove the pole,” he added.

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Netizens’ reaction

Netizens were amazed and terrified by this scene, voicing safety concerns, while some also took the opportunity to make witty jests about the situation.

“It gotta be Hulk!”

Hulk did it
Image via FB/China Press

“It’s done by the Monkey King!”

Monkey king did it
Image via FB/China Press

“It’s Superman!”

Superman did it
Image via FB/China Press

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