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This group rode to McDonald’s Cyberjaya Drive-Thru on horseback. Netizens: ‘How about ‘neigh’?

Would you ride one too?
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CYBERJAYA – Could you ever imagine a day where you’d see someone riding a horse to a McDonald’s Drive-Thru?

Recently, Twitter user @Twt_Cyberjaya shared several photos showing a group of people making their way to a McDonald’s outlet in Cyberjaya on horseback which has gone viral.

Cyberjaya info_ viral mcdonald's horse riding
Screengrab from Twitter/@cyberjayainfo

In the photos, a total of five equestrians were spotted lining up at the counter while waiting for their orders to be made.

‘Who’s cleaning the sh*t?’

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While some were delighted at the sight of the horses, others spotted something less pleasant.

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A netizen pointed out the amount of feces left behind by the horses and questioned on who would clean up the mess.

Photo: Twitter @[email protected]

In response, the Twitter account said that the equestrians cleaned up right after the horses did their ‘business’.

Many netizens also noticed that none of the equestrians were wearing masks, with one netizen asking if the SOPs only applied to normal citizens and not the ‘aristocrats’.

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Men ride horse to drive-thru at mcdonald's cyberjaya, leave horse's poop(1)
Photo: Twitter/@cyberjayainfo

‘It could cause joint problems for the horses’

Netizens were also worried for the horses for having to walk on tarred roads as it could result in joint problems.

A netizen named @airawr_, who appears to involved in the incident, revealed that horses rarely trot along tarred roads, adding that ‘one trip on the tar won’t hurt them’.

Horses are not that fragile. Frequent rides on tar roads, however, is not recommended because [it] can cause joint problems.”

She also said that the equestrians were not ‘rich people showing off their wealth’ but caretakers from nearby riding schools who were taking the horses for an evening walk.

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